Photography by Dave Lehl

By Unknown → Friday, July 10, 2015
Dave Lehl

From an early age, Dave Lehl had little interest in the usual youth sports fare. Boards and bikes replaced bats and balls. Craig Kelly, Matt Hoffman, and the Bones Brigade were his Michael Jordans, John Elways, and New York Yankees. Like many an alt-teen, he mainly joined the high school yearbook staff as an excuse to get out of class. It was there he picked up his first camera, and as it turns out, he had a knack for capturing the moment. His photography experience led him to focus on Journalism and Fine Art photography where he earned degrees from CU Boulder, and ultimately scored a photography internship in the fashion world. Dazzled by the idea of hanging out with models, Dave planned a move to New York City to pursue fashion photography professionally, but first stopped off in Summit County, Colorado, to try accumulating a few bucks for the move by shooting snowboarding. He soon found out that although there were no big bucks, he had a better eye for capturing brats on boards than babes on beaches (plus snowboarding is damn fun!). He spent the next 7 years climbing the winter sports ladder, ultimately landing staff positions at Future Snowboarding Magazine, Rome Snowboards, and Sims Snowboards. Dave has since broadened his focus to include a wider range of his passions: skateboarding, cycling, running, motorcycles, and adventuring. Dave is located in the sickeningly outdoorsy mecca that is Denver, Colorado.

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